windmill 2.3.1

You will feel right at home.

Error Highlighting.

Windmill will surface and highlight errors to give you the confidence that nothing is broken.

See the file, line number, issue type, down to the precise column the eror has occurred.

Test Failure Highlighting.

For any failing tests, you will see a preview of the Test Case. Windmill will even highlight the line number for you so you know exactly which assertion failed.

Test Summary.

Get a test summary for every test run along with the duration it took so you can improve on its execution time.

Distilled aka “Pretty” log.

Matching and mirroring Xcode’s log so that you have a consistent view while working through issues.

Xcode integrated.

Launch the app on the Simulator.

Once testing is successful, Windmill will give you the option to Launch the app on the Simulator. Just a keystroke away; ⌘L.

Install the app on the Simulator.

Windmill builds your app each time you make a change.

Simply drag the Application bundle from Windmill onto the Simulator window to install it.

Install your app on a simulated device

Install the app on a device.

Windmill stores your project’s IPA file for the last commit you’ve made. Simply drag and drop the IPA to the “Devices and Simulators” window to install it on a registered device.

Pair a wireless device with Xcode to effectively beam your app over to test devices.

Upload an app to iTunes Connect.

Windmill stores your project’s archive for the last commit you’ve made.

You can choose to keep it in the “Archives Organiser” to prepare for a public beta using TestFlight or a release through the App Store.

publish icon

Coming Soon

For those rare cases you are away from Xcode, the latest build will be published to Windmill on the iPhone so it is always there when you need it.

One more thing...

Record and share a 10 second clip.

A quick and easy way to share updates and changes made to your app.

Useful when asking for feedback from a remote co-worker, to showcase a feature to your client offsite, or to share the progress you’ve made with the world.

No need to provision a device, fiddle with screen sharing or ask people to come around.